Hello World!

I’m Stacie Cregg, and I’m a writer. I hope that I’ll be able to make this blog something great, unlike my last attempt at blogging, which just turned into a nail polish blog. In an attempt to do something with my life before I turn 30, I want to use this blog to launch myself as a writer, and hopefully realize my dream to become a published author. I’ll also settle for Internet celebrity. That’s fine, too.

Summer 2012 was when I got serious about writing. I’ve always had something of a talent for embellishing stories and creating new ones out of midair, often weaving elaborate, dramatic tales for people in bars or strangers on the Internet. One day, I realized that I could be using this talent for something meaningful, something important. Camp NaNoWriMo was starting that August, and I went for it, writing eighty thousand words just that month. I spent four or five months after that finishing it, another four or five months editing and redrafting it, and I’m currently editing the second draft. In addition to fiction, I plan to write often about the things I care about. I hope the reader will find a good mix of things here, from essays to opinions to short fiction. I hope that this will be a good experience for all of us, but especially for me, since I have the most to gain. Thanks for reading.

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