Mug Monday: January 30, 2017

Acquisition: PBS Shop
Contents: Republic of Tea Downton Estate Blend, black tea

I have yet to actually watch Downton Abbey, but of course I have the tea; World Market was closing, the price was dramatically reduced, and I had to buy it. And from what does one drink their sophisticated TV show-branded tea? Something silly, of course.


Emergency Room

It was Saturday morning, January 14. I don’t remember the exact time, but it was sometime in the early morning hours; I can’t remember if it was 3:30, 3:45, or four o’clock. I was getting into bed, laying on my back, getting comfortable, and then I felt it. My chest was hurting. It was a dull ache that grew stronger and faded over and over again. My left arm felt tingly. My face felt tingly. I felt sick to my stomach. I climbed out of bed, went downstairs to my desk, and searched for heart attack symptoms online. I felt completely silly doing so, but sobered up when my symptoms aligned to the ones I was reading about. However, I did feel better when I was sitting at my desk, so I thought maybe whatever it was had passed, and I went back to bed. When I was horizontal again, the pain came back. I sat up. Boyfriend, who was previously asleep, asked if I was okay.

I didn’t know.

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My First K-Beauty Haul

I said I was going to get a better skincare routine this year, and I meant it. As I run out of things, I am going to be replacing them with products from Asia. Recently, I found myself running out of facial cleanser and had a gift card burning a hole in my wallet, so I started browsing Korean skincare shops online to see what I could find. My goal was to buy what I needed and then spend whatever I had left on samples. I had $50 and I was going to give it all to Roseroseshop. Explore Korean skincare with me!

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Gifts from Grandma

Occasionally, my grandmother will come across the perfect thing for me and, unable to walk away from it, buy it and mail it to me. This time, she bought me a t-shirt.

I love that this is how my grandmother thinks of me. Side note: she bought me wine socks for Christmas.

Red Hibiscus

Something I’ve always wanted to do is the challenge where you take a photo every day for one year. I think about it every January 1, but by the time I remember to do it, I’ve already lost five days. I’ve decided I’ll do one each week, and I won’t adhere to any proper challenge, I’ll just shoot something that means something to me and write about it. This way, it’s a blogging challenge, too!

So the first photo in this 52 week long series is of my red hibiscus. This plant went for months without having one bloom. Then, during this deliciously unseasonally warm weather we had this week, it had one new bloom per day. This was the first one.

This poor bush has been through a lot. We bought it from a hardware store in 2015 and planted it in an empty flowerbed by the pool. It dropped all of its leaves in the winter of 2016 and nearly got uprooted by Hurricane Matthew. Tonight’s low is 29 degrees and it will probably go bald again. This will probably be the last bloom I’ll see on it for a while.

2017 Goals

Yeah, so remember when this was a blog? I almost didn’t. I kind of forgot I even had it until I got the notice to renew the domain. One of my new year’s goals is to actually use this site for something, so here we are.

Actually, I want to outline some goals and things I have for 2017. Every year begins the same way for me: I imagine all the stuff I’m going to do, I imagine that I’m going to figure out my life and what I was put in this universe to do, I’m going to fall in love harderĀ than ever, and everything is going to be awesome. Then, the months escape from me, and I realize I did nothing all year but play video games and eat. I don’t want that to happen to me this year. I want to have something to show for 2017, something to show that I actually did participate in 2017 in a meaningful way. That’s why I’m writing this. I want to hold myself accountable.

I will list some goals below, but here are the main points of them.

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